Young Blessings provides child care year-round and children 3-5 years old are eligible for enrollment.  We also offer open enrollment throughout the year as space becomes available.

We allow up to 20 children per day. Child care is available Monday-Friday from 7:15AM-5:00PM. Preschool class is included during the school year (Sept-May) from 8:00AM-Noon. Families must provide a sleeping bag and cold lunch for children attending for the full day.

Preschool Class Only (8AM-Noon):
2 days/week                                                      Cost: $140/month
3 days/week                                                      Cost: $210/month
4 days/week                                                      Cost: $280/month
5 days/week                                                      Cost: $350/month

Full Day (Preschool class with child care):
2 days/week preschool with child care              Cost: $280/month
3 days/week preschool with child care              Cost: $420/month
4 days/week preschool with child care              Cost: $560/month
5 days/week preschool with child care              Cost: $700/month

Child Care Hours: 7:15AM-5:00PM

Click here if you are interested in contacting Young Blessings Preschool staff for further information.

Preschool provides nutritious morning and afternoon snacks.