Our Classroom

Here's where all the fun happens!  Our preschool classroom is bright and welcoming; a great environment for our little learners to play, learn, and grow.  We offer a variety of materials for our students to play with, create, share, and explore.  Our classroom has been set-up to encourage your child's curiosity and desire to learn about his/her world.

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Here's the rug where we gather for "Circle Time."

The classroom is well-organized and your preschooler will quickly learn where everything goes and will become quite proficient at cleaning up after themselves.

Our little learners feel right at home in our classroom, especially with child-sized tables and chairs to help make them safe and comfortable during arts and crafts projects and snack time. 

There is plenty of space for our little learners to burn off some energy.

Your little learner will learn to hang his/her coat up and put backpacks in their cubby, before entering the classroom each morning!