I am so grateful you found a place for him during this strange, difficult year.  We will always hold Young Blessings in a special place in our hearts.  Thank you, Thank you!  

~Leonhardt family

Young Blessings Preschool has been a safe space for our son for the past two years.  The teachers and staff have been kind and welcoming, and they have been very accommodating to our schedule needs.  While at home, our son tells us wonderful stories about his days at school and is able to tell us about the art projects he brings home, all with a  bright smile on his face.  The academic work keeps him engaged without putting any added stress on him; it has been wonderful to see his skills flourish-we have been very impressed with the development of his scissors skills!  We are sad that our son is ending his time at Young Blessings, but can't wait for our daughter to start next year--and neither can she!

-Maggie & Matt

Young Blessings preschool creates an enriching environment for all students to succeed.  Ellie has learned so many skills from only attending twice a week.  The vocabulary she learns from their reading and teaching time is very encouraging.  Ellie so loves to go to preschool and here is what said she loves,  "I love circle time, snack time, my teachers, and love show & tell.  and doing fun things.  I love playing with my friends and going on walks.  And that is everything."  I could not be more impressed with a preschool!


Young Blessings preschool has been a huge blessing in our lives.  My daughter goes there two mornings a week and those are the days she looks forward to the most.  She is so proud to show me all the fun projects she makes and talk about what they learn about each day.  The teachers that run this program are so sweet and so kind.  My daughter talks about how much she loves the three of them all the time.  She is learning some great skills and is making many wonderful friends.  I'm so happy she'll get to go again next year on the days that she is not in 4K. I cannot say enough good things about this program!


Young Blessings truly has been a blessing to this community!  Both of our girls, Violet and Abigail, have started their education with Ms. Barb, Ms. Cory and Ms. Kim.  They loved going to school and it is amazing to see how they grow and learn during the year.  It is a nurturing and caring environment and we'd recommend it to any parent with a 3 year old to start sending them as soon as they are able!

-Jamie & Emily

Two of my children have attended Young Blessings so far, and I cannot say enough great things about this preschool!
The teachers are absolutely amazing and so caring,  The curriculum  is very creative and hits on all the foundational skills to prepare your child for Pre-K/Kindergarten.
The facility is neat, clean, and very organized.  There is excellent communication between teachers and parents about what the children are/will be learning, as well as upcoming events in the classroom.
We love how they incorporate the importance of God, family, friends and supporting their local community, as well as giving to other charities.
My children have loved attending this amazing preschool and come out with such confidence at the end of the school year, it's just priceless.

-Tracy P.

Young Blessings Preschool was a true blessing for our family. The preschool staff is very kind, patient and understanding. They helped to prepare our child for her future academic career. The curriculum is age appropriate, fun and engaging. It proved to give our child a jump start in her learning. Our child was well equipped for kindergarten and preschool helped her succeed. We highly recommend Young Blessings preschool!  


Our 3 year old twin girls participated in the preschool graduation ceremony yesterday.  It was a bittersweet moment when we saw them all lined up, looking like such big kids prior to the graduation ceremony. They walked in single file with big smiles on their faces. They looked so confident, a big difference from the first day of preschool last fall. Their teacher made a video slide show of photos she had taken throughout the school year. It was amazing to see how much the children had grown and matured during those 8 months together!  We are so blessed to have found Young Blessings Preschool. The teacher and director are fantastic, and all of the kids simply adore them. Our girls really blossomed as a result of going to school, and we're so happy they get to go back in fall.  We already have our son on the waiting list for the following school year! 

-Wyatt & Kristin

Young Blessings Preschool offers a welcoming atmosphere to every family looking for a preschool.  The knowledgeable and friendly staff offer a unique experience that would be beneficial to any child.  Having been with them for over 4 years, I am fortunate for my children to have had these amazing experience that Young Blessings has offered.  I highly recommend them to everyone! 


I have nothing but great things to say about Young Blessings preschool! Mrs. Cory and Mrs. Barb are loving and nurturing people. Young Blessings Preschool is a great place for children to learn. 


Young Blessings is so warm and welcoming. We couldn't have chosen a better preschool for our son. We have seen many positive changes in our son since he started school. He is learning so much, and we feel confident that he will be prepared for 4-K next year. The teachers are wonderful, and keep you informed about how your child is doing. They always address any questions or concerns we have. Our son loves school, and runs in every time we go. The teachers also get the children involved with the community we live in, such as making decorations for the Christmas tree at the bank, and inviting the local fire department to preschool to teach about fire safety.


Young Blessings Preschool is an absolute treasure in Amherst. Two of our four children have been blessed to have Miss Cory as their teacher and love her to this day. Our third child cannot wait to start in the fall! Young Blessing provides the children with a well rounded experience that fosters independence. The care for the children and their families is amazing.

-Brad and Jennifer

I want to say Thank You to both of you, for helping Finley grow and learn this year. I was so scared putting her in preschool, not sure how she would do. She was so shy before she started preschool and it has been so much fun to watch her blossom into the fabulous little girl she has become. We used to have such hard days with her and her behaviors, while she is still extremely head strong, she has come leaps and bounds. We appreciate all that you have done with Gavin and Finley, and look forward to Chesney attending next year. Both kids talk about you both with such admiration, and we can see that you provide a loving/learning atmosphere for the kids. We are lucky to have such a wonderful preschool in our community to send our kids to -  thank you! It is crazy how fast a year goes by and we have another one coming to a close. Can't wait to watch the graduation program in a couple of weeks, Finley is very excited!

Thanks for all you do!


Cory & Barb,

We can't say enough thank you's for everything you've done with Kasen.  The change in him is remarkable.  Best decision we made sending him to preschool with you!

-Justin & Zena